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Butane & Propane


Available in three sizes making it easy to use with a portable heater to heat any room in your house. Also ideal for Caravans and Summer outdoor cooking!

  • 4.5 kg, 7 Kg  & 13 Kg sizes

  • 21 mm Clip On Regulator Fitting

2020-05-26 (6).png


With screw in fitting and available in 3.9 Kg, 6 Kg, 11 Kg, 19 Kg & 47 Kg sizes and is ideal for blowtorches, caravanning, mobile catering, roofing, commercial and domestic heating and so much more....

The range also includes an 18 Kg cylinder designed specifically for use with Forklifts.



Available in a choice of cylinders and sizes to fit a 27mm clip on regulator.

The steel leisure cylinder is ideal for Patio Heaters and BBQ's and comes in 6 Kg and 11 Kg or you may prefer the Gaslight cylinder that is lightweight, translucent and safer and is ideal for Patio Heaters, BBQ's and caravans in sizes 5 kg and 10 Kg.


Click here for a list of cylinder brands that we can accept as a return.

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